Best Beaches in Peru

Best Peru Beaches


Peru's Best Beaches Guide

Best Beaches North of Lima

  • Punta Sal (50km southwest of Tumbes) - considered by many to be the best beach in Peru
  • Mancora (100km south of Tumbes)
  • Las Pocitas (105km south of Tumbes)
  • Paita (50km west of Piura)
  • Pimental & Santa Rosa (14kms west of Chiclayo)
  • Huanchaco (12kms west of Trujillo)

Best Beaches In and around Lima

The beaches just south of Lima include El Silencio, Senoritas, Caballeros, Punta Hermosa (a good place for ceviche and sea food restaurants), Punta Negra, San Bartolo, Santa Maria, Naplo and Pucusana (beaches and a small fishing village). Go with a large group and watch your belongings closely as there are plenty of local thieves. The beaches are packed with locals during the sunny summer months of January, February and March especially at weekends. However don't expect Caribbean-type beaches, most are desert-like arid landscapes only moderately attractive. Many beaches are can be quite dirty and the water can pose significant health hazards. Enter at your own risk.

Best Beaches South of Lima

Mollendo (west of Arequipa)

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