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Peru Surfing

Peru is becoming a top surfing destination. With over 2000km (1,200 miles) of Pacific coastline Peru offers a wide variety of waves including point breaks, left and right reef breaks and some giant waves up to 6 metres. Surfing is year round.

Northern Beaches (north of Chiclayo)

Surfing in the north is best from October to March. Water temperatures stay above 21C most of the year.

Some of the best beaches in the north include:

Mancora: reef break, long left formed, can reach more than 2m. All surfers
Los Organos: reef-break, left, tubular, well formed, reaches 2m. Experienced surfers.
Cabo Blanco: reef-break, perfect left pipeline from 1 to 3m. Dangerous due to closeness of reef, Experienced surfers only.
Pacasmayo: Point-break, left, long and well formed with pipeline section.
Puerto Chicama: Point break, rides of nearly a kilometre in length are possible, on a wave considered to be the longest in the world. Pipeline with 4 sections that reach 2m. Strong offshore winds. All surfers

Southern Beaches (south of Chiclayo)

Most of the best surf in the south can be found just south of Lima. Surfing is best from March to December with May probably being the ideal month. Water is colder than the north (as low as 15C) so a wetsuit is required.

Recommended beaches in the south include:

La Herradura: Point-break, left strong and long with 3 sections. Experienced surfers
Punta Hermosa: Right-break, strong, big and fast, tubular sections. Breaks all the year.
Punta Rocas: Reef-break, left and right, long big and strong with tubular section. Classic wave for beginners and advanced surfers.
Pico Alto: Outer-reef, right and left break. Can reach 8 to 10 meters (in May). Formed waves, strong, long with tubular section. Only for pros and Kamikazes!!

International and national championships are held annually at Punta Rocas,

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