Mountain Biking around Huaraz


Mountain Biking around Huaraz

El Callejon de Huaylas is the name given to the valley that runs between the mountain ranges of the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Negra. The valley offers stunning snow-capped scenery.

This part of Peru should be the number one destination for serious mountain bikers. Peru's most professional and experienced mountain bike tour operators can be found here, either in the popular city of Huaraz or in the pleasant little town of Caraz. Julio Olaza of Mountain Bike Adventures (Huaraz) or Alberto Cafferata of Pony Expeditions (Caraz) are two of Peru's most knowledgeable experts and are an excellent source of local information, equipment rental and offer some good biking itineraries.

There are some good adventure companies in Huaraz renting good equipment and offering organized tours with qualified guides. If you are coming to Peru just for the biking then it is good idea to bring your bike from home. You'll need to buy a bike box and bring plenty of inner-tubes and brake blocks. Check with your airline first in case there is an extra charge. If your plan to hire a bike then, as a basic rule, you are likely to get what you pay for. Although cheap imitation bikes are available from US$10-15 per day they are not likely to be up to the rigors of off-roading. A quality bike with front shocks costs in the region of US$20-25 per day. Make sure that you have gloves and a helmet, a basic first aid kit, pump and a puncture repair kit.

Route Suggestions

Huaraz - Punta Callan - Castillo Punta - Matacoto (Cordillera Negra) 3 days
Chavin - Huarai - Huachacocha (4350m) - San Luis - Llacma - Piscobamba - Pomabamba - Pasacancha - Tarica - Yanac - Huallanca 227km 11 days
Carhuaz - Quebrada Ulta - Punta Olimpica (4850m) - Chacas - San Luis - Llacma - Yanama - Lagunas Llanganuco - Yungay 195km 6 days
Caraz - Laguna Paron 30km 1 day
Carhuaz - Huaypan - Musho - Mancos 1 day
Vuelta al Huascara (Huascaran loop) Carhuaraz - Chacas - san Luis - Yanama - Yungay 5 days

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