Machu Picchu Restaurants


Machu Picchu Restaurants

Cafe Inkaterra!cafe-inkaterra At the Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel just upstream of the railway station. Great buffet lunch, great views of the river

Tree House At the Rupa Wasi hotel, Calle Huanacaure 110, Aguas Calientes Tel 084-211101 Wooden ecological restaurant

Indio Feliz Lloque Yupanqui Lote 4, Aguas Calientes Tel 084-211090. Open 12:00-16:00 and 18:00-22:00 French-Peruvian owned and dishes combine some of the best French and Peruvian food. Good value 3-course set menu for US$25. Friendly atmosphere

Incontri del Pueblo Viejo

Toto's House Avenida Imperio de los Incas, just over the bridge beside the railway and also overlooking the river. Popular with tour groups. Good buffet lunch.

Chullpi Machupicchu Restaurante

Avenida de los Incas 140, Aguas Calientes Tel 084-211350

La Boulangerie de Paris

Jiron Sinchi Rocha (on top of the bus station), Aguas Calientes Open 05:00-21:00 Tel 084-211398 Small French-owned patisserie

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