Mancora Visitor Guide


An Introduction to Mancora

Elevation: 15m / Population: 15,000 / Telephone Code: 073

The small, laid back fishing town of Mancora is located on Peru's north coast approximately 1165km north of Lima and 120km south of the frontier with Ecuador. It has attractive sandy beaches which provide safe swimming as well as excellent surfing. The best surfing months are from November to February.
Although Mancora is sunny all year round, the high season is from mid-December to mid-March when the beaches and hotels can become full of holidaymakers from Lima and Ecuador.
The town itself has one bank (Banco de la Nacion) and several ATMs (automatic cash machines) as well as a small mini-market, a couple of pharmacies, internet cafes and plenty of shops selling souvenirs and beachwear. There are many small hostals and hotels, a good choice of restaurants and a few lively bars.
Mancora has a very relaxed, safe, friendly feel and the beaches are clean, making it an excellent stopping off point when visiting the north of Peru or travelling to Ecuador.

The weather is semi-tropical, dry with sunshine all year round. The chance of rain is very small. In the Winter (June - August) the daily temperatures are in the high 20's (centigrade). During the Summer months (January - March) the avergae daily temperatures are in the high 30's (centigrade). However temperatures can feel a little cooler due to the coastal breezes which can often be quite strong in the afternoons.

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