Photos of Peru: Christmas Present Distribution, Cusco, 22 December 2003

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Andean Travel Web would like to thank the following companies for their contribution towards this Christmas present distribution: Guerba Adventure and Discovery Holidays (UK), Andean Trails (UK), Journey Latin America (UK), Peru Treks and Adventure (Peru). Help was also provided by the nuns from the convent of Santa Teresa in Cusco who provided their time and also allowed the convent to be used for the distribution. Brother Juan was also responsible for selecting the 250 children from the poorest Andean communities in the Anta and Calca districts of Cusco.


All photos on this page are available on a photo CD which can be bought exclusively from the Andean Travel Web office at Calle Garcilaso 265, Interior patio, office 14, 2nd floor (just 2 minutes walk from Cusco's main plaza). The CD contains over 900 photos of Cusco and the surrounding tourist attractions. The images are high quality and are suitable for printing 6"x4" at photo quality. The cost is US$15 per CD of which all profits go directly to helping local community projects organized by Andean Travel Web. For more information click here.  All photos copyright Mike Weston 2003. Photos cannot be used without written permission.