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Luxury Arequipa Hotels

Casa Andina Private Collection Arequipa Ugarte 403, Arequipa Tel 054-226907
Restored 18th-century mansion. The building was originally the "Casa de la Moneda" - the old Mint. 40 rooms. The senior suites and imperial suite are located in the colonial style mansion and the superior rooms and standard suites are located on 4 floors in a new wing overlooking the colonial courtyard. Located 3 blocks from the Plaza de Armas (Main Square).
from US$171 [photo]

Hotel Libertador Arequipa Plaza Simon Bolivar, Selva Alegre, Arequipa Tel 054-215110
Up market hotel, built in a colonial style, has recently been renovated and now offers plenty of modern facilities including a gym, sauna, Jacuzzi and outdoor pool
from US$141 [photo]

Katari Hotel at Plaza de Armas Portal de La Municipalidad No 126 -128 Plaza de Armas Arequipa Tel 054-213141
from US$103 [photo]

Mid-Range Arequipa Hotels

Casa Arequipa Avenida Lima 409, Vallecito, Arequipa. Tel 054-284219
Elegant colonial-style boutique bed & breakfast, built from volcanic sillar stone and painted an unmistakable cotton-candy pink. Tastefully decorated with antique handmade furnishings and marble floors. A dozen rooms each with their own individual character and price. Located about 1km from the Plaza de Armas in the smart Vallecito district.
US$94 [photo]

Hotel Casona Solar Calle Consuelo 116, Cercado, Arequipa. Tel 054-228991
Hotel Casona Solar is a beautiful restored colonial house build in 1702. The thick walls are made out of the white volcanic stone Sillar and all rooms have high arched roofs and big doors opening into one of two central courtyards. Located just 2 minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas
US$88 [photo]

Los Tambos Puente Bolognesi 129, Arequipa. Tel 054-600900
Located just half a block from the Plaza de Armas. Modern, spacious rooms, tastefully decorated with plenty of natural light.
from US$78 [photo]

Casa Andina Classic Arequipa Calle Jerusalén 603, Arequipa Tel 054-202070.
Modern white volcanic stone building, one of Arequipa's largest hotels with 104 rooms. Located 6 blocks from the main Plaza.
US$87 [photo]

Hotel Boutique Villa Elisa Parque Selva Alegre, Arequipa. Tel 054-221891
20 roomed colonial style hotel set amongst spacious gardens filled with trees and flowers. Rooms filled with hand carved furniture and beds,
US$85 [photo]

La Gruta Hotel Calle La Gruta 304, Selva Alegre, Arequipa (about 1.5km north from the centre). Tel 054-224631
Translated as "The Grotto" the Hostal La Gruta has been converted from an old mansion into a beautiful hotel. The hotel is fairly small and friendly and located in a quiet residential street surrounded by parks in the Selva Alegre district of Arequipa about 1.5km north of the city centre. The rooms are tastefully decorated and comfortable with large windows overlooking the pretty garden. Nice place to relax. The owner speaks English.
US$75 [photo]

Tierra Viva Arequipa Plaza Hotel Calle Jerusalen 202, Arequipa Tel 054-234161


La Hosteria Bolivar 405, Cercado, Arequipa Tel 054-281779
Typical Colonial house with lounge chairs and vaulted ceilings with interior courtyards and terraces full of colour and sunshine.
US$75 [photo]

La Casa de Melgar Melgar 108, Arequipa. Tel 054-222459
This is a warm and friendly hostal 3 blocks from the Plaza de Armas. The architecture is colonial in style with high domed ceilings in the ground floor rooms. The house is built of 'sillar' a white stone typical of Arequipa. All rooms have private bathrooms with hot water. There's a communal room with cable TV and several patios, a garden and a good cafe. Very clean.
US$75 [photo]

Dreams Hotel Boutique Calle Luna Pizarro 103, Vallecito, Arequipa. Tel 054-222800
23 themed rooms of a contemporary design. Plenty of bright colours and modern artwork. Potluck which room theme you get which makes for an interesting stay. The hotel describes itself as "a union between art and modern living, minimalism and glamour, business and rest, comfort and modernity that makes a unique experience". The hotel is located in the Vallecito neighborhood (5 blocks from the Plaza de Armas), a pleasant residential area with wide tree-lined roads, gardens and much quieter and laid back compared to downtown Arequipa.
US$55 [photo]

Grace Valley Consuelo 511, Cercado, Arequipa Tel 054-959703749 (mobile)
A set of 6 bungalows surrounded by beautiful gardens 5 blocks from the Plaza de Armas. Great place to relax. Family run, very friendly and helpful. English spoken, excellent breakfast.
US$85 [photo]

Posada el Castillo Pasaje Campos 105, Vallecito, Arequipa. Tel 054-201828
Run by a Dutch-Peruvian couple. 20 rooms. 7 blocks from the Plaza de Armas (Main Square). Very helpful owners can help with arranging tours.
US$57 [photo]

Casablanca Hostal Puente Bolognesi 104, Arequipa. Tel 054-221327
Conveniently located close to the Plaza de Armas. Recently renovated colonial style house built from white silla volcanic stone. 8 large rooms. Good view of the Plaza de Armas from the hotel's balconies.
US$40 [photo]

La Casa de mi Abuela Calle Jerusalen 606, Arequipa. Tel 054-241206
The name of this hotel literally translates as 'My Grandmother's House' but you'll find this 50-roomed building offers you more than you expect. There are two restaurants, a small library of European books, an on-site reputable travel agency, a beautiful swimming pool and great gardens with plenty of seats and tables. Rooms vary in age and style. Located 6 blocks from the Plaza de Armas.
US$59 [photo]

Las Torres de Ugarte Ugarte 401-A, Arequipa. Tel 054-283532
Las Torres de Ugarte is located 2.5 blocks from the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) and behind the Santa Catalina Monastery.
US$55 [photo]

Hotel Maison du Soleil Los Cristales 117, Arequipa Tel 054-212277
US$55 [photo]

Casa de Avila Avenida San Martin 116, Vallecito, Arequipa Tel 054-213975
US$55 [photo]

Hostal Solar Calle Ayacucho, Arequipa. Tel 054-241793
US$45 [photo]

Budget Arequipa Hotels

Chez Julie

Los Naranjos J-2, Downtown Arequipa
US$28 [photo]

La Casa de Ana Peru Calle Tacna 806 Yanahuara, Arequipa Tel 054-254085
US$28 [photo]

Los Andes Bed & Breakfast Calle La Merced 123, Arequipa
US$18 [photo]

Arequipay Backpackers Downtown Pasaje O'higgins 224 Vallecito, Arequipa. Tel 054-234560
US$13 [photo]

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