Peru Travel Information


Useful Travel Tips and Information


Plan you trip to make the best of the weather. Typical conditions for the Coast, the Sierra (highlands) and the Amazon rainforest.

International Flights

International airlines and specialist flight agents in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand.

Domestic Flights

Find the best airlines for local flights from Lima to Cusco and other popular routes within Peru.

Travel Preparations

Time difference, using the telephone, electicity and types of plugs, what to pack and other useful bits and pieces.

Visa Requirements

More detailed visa requirements for visitors to Peru.

Staying Healthy

Advice on pre-departure preparations such as recommended immunizations and other useful snippets to keep yourself healthy.

Keeping Safe

Avoid being robbed and sensible precautions whilst travelling.


Should you take travel checks, credit cards or just stuff large quantities of cash in your shoe?

Sample Trip Itineraries

Get some ideas to help you plan your trip to Peru. Here are some ready made trip itineraries.

Learning Spanish

Learning the basics in Spanish will certainly make for a more enjoyable visit and may save you some money

Peru Facts & Figures

Population, religion, country size, living conditions plus many incredibly invaluable facts

Peruvian Embassies Abroad

A list of Peruvian embassies and consulates in your own country

Embassies & Consulates in Peru

A list of foreign embassies and consulates in Peru - useful in case of an emergency




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