Trekking in Peru

Trekking & Hiking in Peru


Classic Inca Trail

A spectacular 4-day trek through beautiful mountain scenery and lush green cloud forest ending at Machu Picchu. Frequently rated in the top 5 best treks in the world. Trek permits required so book well in advance.

Short Inca Trail

A 2-day trek Ideal for visitors with limited time but still includes a visit to the Inca ruins at WiƱay Wayna and the Sun Gate (Inti Punku) before descending to Machu Picchu. Trek permits required so book well in advance.

Salkantay Inca Trail

This is a longer 7-day trek that skirts the base of Salkantay mountain before joining the route of the Classic Inca Trail. For the more experienced trekker. Treks permits are required so must be booked well in advance.

Salkantay Santa Teresa

When the trek permits for the Classic 4-day Inca Trail have sold out this 5-day trek via Salkantay and Santa Teresa becomes an great alternative. An excellent trek in its own right. Trek permits not required.

Lares Valley

The Lares Valley is a beautiful valley to the noth of the Sacred Valley. You'll see small Quechua communities practicing local traditions and farming methods.


The stunning snow-capped Ausangate mountain lies a 4-hour bus ride south-east of Cusco in the opposite direct to Machu Picchu. The classic circular trek takes 5-6 days although there are many alternative routes.


A magnificent 5-day hike that plunges down into the Apurimac Canyon and then up the other side to the fascinating Inca ruins of Choquequirao. This remote "mini Machu Picchu" has yet to be fully cleared and is a great place to leave the crowds behind.



Santa Cruz

This is the most popular trek in the Cordillera Blanca due to the incredible mountain scenery including snow-capped peaks, turquoise lakes and beautiful meadows.


The Alpamayo Trek is a more difficult trek than the Santa Cruz trek both because it is much longer as well as including several passes above 4700m and some long ascents.

Olleros to Chavin

A relatively easy 3-day trek that winds its way through some wide open valleys, close to glaciers with some great mountain scenery. The high point is arriving at the pre-Inca ruins of Chavin de Huantar.


Colca Canyon

There are several excellent trek that take you into the bottom of the canyon ranging from 3 to 7 days.

El Misti

The El Misti Volcano trek & climb, in fact, one of the easiest ascents of any mountain of this size in the world.


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